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Mini Apple Cinnamon Muffins

I’ve recently discovered my baby loves cinnamon. I had some leftover egg mix for French toast the other week, so I cooked it up to give to her with breakfast. Of course, it had cinnamon in it. She couldn’t get enough. I’d been planning to come up with a recipe for mini muffins to make

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Fun Ways to Get Children Involved with Cooking

This year Nutrition Month is all about unlocking the potential of food: to fuel, discover, prevent, heal, and bring us together.  Dietitians love food – it’s a big part of why we do the work we do.  For many of us, our love for food began in childhood.  This post highlights some tips for getting

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Fresh Pick – Chard

The sun may be shining here in Vancouver, but the air sure is cold!  Comfort foods have become a mainstay as of late, so I thought I would highlight a hearty green that will make a nutritious addition to your soups and stews.  This week’s Fresh Pick is chard.

Carrot, Ginger and Cardamom Soup

Update: Hands down, this was the most popular recipe from my previous site, Mel’s Food Blog.  I’ve re-tested and re-shot it and made a few changes to the recipe, mostly improving the instructions for clarity. I’ve also upped the carrot a bit and reduced the overall liquid for a thicker soup.  Feel free to play

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Green Bean Kimchi

Update: This was one of the most popular recipes from my previous site, Mel’s Food Blog. I’ve re-tested and re-shot it, making some minor wording changes.  I’ve also tried this out with some other vegetables and it works great.  Try zucchini, carrot, or cucumber. Earlier this month, I was inspired by Desiree Nielsen to make

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